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Golf Trips

March 3 - 7 2016

Barnbougle Trip

24 players (including 6 Pro's)

Sold Out

May 21st - 31st

Pinehurst Golf Trip

8 players (including 2 Pro's)

2 spots left

September 13th - 23rd

West Coast Golf Trip

8 Players (including 2 Pro's)

1 spot left

November 18th - 20th

Bellarine Trip, Victoria.

8 players (including 2 Pro's)

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On Course golf days at Riverside Oaks GC.


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Fri. 8th

Fri. 18th

upcoming Events

On Course Golf Day at Twin Creeks G&CC 



Fri. 15th 

Fri. 29th



Fri. 12th

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Fri. 11th

Fri. 25th



Fri 15th 

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Top 10 achievers for 2015.

              10.Kiana Edwards - 19 Hcap to 14. (5 shots) with steady improvement.                                                      International College of Golf Representative.

9. Ron Harvey - 24 Hcap to 18 (6 shots) after a slow start to the year.

8. Paul Evans - 26 Hcap to 18 (8 shots).

7. Isabelle Mansfield - 19 Hcap to 13, plus represented Sydney West High School Golf.                       International College of Golf Representative.

6. Bora Dincell - 34 Hcap to 23 (11 shots), including scores of 55 points and 50 points at Lost Farm                      2015 Barnbougle Trip and 49 points at Riverside Oaks.

5. Robin Woellener - 3 straight Absolute Golf - West Coast Open win (2012 - 2013 - 2015).

4. Mikayla Edwards - 13 Hcap to 8, while doing HSC at School (5 shots), also represented Sydney West High School Golf. International College of Golf Representative.

3. Jeff Mansfield - Recognised as a world 100 club fitter for 3rd year (2013-14-15)

2. Daniel Blissett - a huge improvement over the year (improving PB by 30 shots during the year) culminating in his 4th place finish in his very first Special Olympics interclub match.

1. Mak Gaskin - 9 Hcap to 4 (5 shots), chosen to attend West Virginia Tech University (Mechanical Engineering Degree) on a golf scholarship, Won in only his 4th event as a freshman at the school, the first time any student from WVT has won individual honours. International College of Golf Representative.